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De­spite Google’s grow­ing app enor­mity, the orig­i­nal App Store is still the daddy

DIS­COVR when it comes to qual­ity choice. The iPad Air gets out of the way as much as pos­si­ble, just 7.5mm thin and weigh­ing a measly 469g (or, more catchily if you’re in the US, 1lb). All that re­mains is the stun­ning 2048x1536 Retina screen and what­ever you want to do to­day. FROM £99, AP­PLE.COM

How long has it been since you up­dated your playlists? This app will help you out of that mu­si­cal rut. Tell it artists you dig and it finds sim­i­lar mu­sic you might take a fancy to, con­struct­ing a visual map of audio in­flu­ences. If you stum­ble across a band you haven’t heard of, dou­ble tap them to bring up a biog and full discog­ra­phy, with the op­tion to add tracks to a playlist. It’s like Last.FM’s much cooler, cleaner and more cul­tured brother. $4.99, IOS

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