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With in­ter­change­able-lens cam­eras, avail­able op­tics are as vi­tal as the body and sen­sor

Our Olym­pus and Pana­sonic contenders share a lens mount, so the­o­ret­i­cally can draw on a wider range of com­pat­i­ble lenses than the Fu­ji­film. How­ever, third-party adapters mean that these days prac­ti­cally any lens can be at­tached to any cam­era, so it’s less of an is­sue.

If you don’t al­ready own any lenses from pre­vi­ous cam­eras, it’s worth go­ing for a bun­dle deal that in­cludes a lens or two with the cam­era body – as well as sav­ing you po­ten­tially hun­dreds of dol­lars on the price you’d pay if you were buy­ing each el­e­ment sep­a­rately, you can be sure they’ll have been cho­sen for their suit­abil­ity to your par­tic­u­lar cam­era.

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