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Don’t get hung up on num­bers – there are many other things that con­trib­ute to great im­ages

The rough rule of thumb used to be: the higher num­ber of pixels, the more de­tailed the im­ages – there­fore pixel count was ev­ery­thing. But other fac­tors, such as the size of the sen­sor in the cam­era – whether that be full-frame, APS-C, Four Thirds or one-inch – and the de­gree of im­age pro­cess­ing un­der­taken, also have a key role to play.

The out­put from a 20MP cam­era is there­fore not au­to­mat­i­cally bet­ter than that of a 16MP model, par­tic­u­larly if the phys­i­cal size of the sen­sor in each is the same, as more pixels crammed onto the same-sized chip can merely re­sult in more vis­i­ble grain when tak­ing im­ages in tricky con­di­tions such as low light.

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