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Australian T3 - - HYPE -

Why all the caps? STOP SHOUT­ING T3!

That’s be­cause this is one of the most im­pres­sive TVs we’ve ever seen. It also hap­pens to be the name of this TV, so don’t blame us, and the ‘SUPER’ bit a hint at its ca­pa­bil­i­ties.

Can it fly?

Sadly not, though one day we hope to see fly­ing TVs on T3. What this means, in more grounded terms, is that LG has given the TV a boost of per­for­mance in the panel to put it ahead of the com­pe­ti­tion, or at least we think. The head­line-grab­bing fea­ture here is Nano Cell tech­nol­ogy.

So they’ve shrunk the TV like that guy out of TheAvengers?!

No, silly - what that means is the panel is made up of par­ti­cles about one nanome­ter big, en­abling the screen to pro­duce more ac­cu­rate colours, im­prov­ing its per­for­mance in bright sce­nar­ios, and boost­ing view­ing from any an­gle. LG boasts of a pic­ture su­perla­tive to even TVs with Quan­tom Dot dis­plays. Which is… wow.

What about this HDR buzz­word?

We get it - ev­ery­one’s talk­ing about High Dy­namic Range right now, and LG’s upped its game here too. With Ac­tive HDR with Dolby Vi­sion built in, there’s sup­port for all HDR con­tent, in­clud­ing the lat­est and high­est qual­ity for­mats. Then there’s HDR Ef­fect, which up­scales SDR con­tent, im­prov­ing bright­ness and con­trast in reg­u­lar 4k con­tent.

I need this TV in my life.

The 55-inch LG SUPER UHD SJ9500 will be re­leased in late au­tumn. CAN YOU WAIT?

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