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Wait, is this some techy ver­sion of the One Ring? Does it look like some­thing forged in the fires of Mount Doom? No, fan­boy, of course it isn’t. It’s a fit­ness and sleep tracker, not the One Ring to rule them all. Although, ac­cord­ing to Mo­tiv this is the only ring you’ll need to take your health and fit­ness to the next level. Sweet LOTR ref­er­ences, T3. I’m im­pressed. You’ll be even more im­pressed when you slip the Mo­tiv Ring onto your fin­ger – light­weight and slen­der at 8mm, this ring-shaped tracker packs in a beefy amount of tech. We’re talk­ing an op­ti­cal heart rate sen­sor, a cus­tom li-ion bat­tery, Blue­tooth Smart sync­ing tech, a three-axis ac­celerom­e­ter and tri-coloured LED in­di­ca­tion for charg­ing and data sync­ing. So what does it ac­tu­ally do? The Mo­tiv Ring, avail­able in Rose Gold or Slate Grey, and formed from a light­weight ti­ta­nium shell, will track your ac­tiv­ity type, time spent mov­ing, your ac­tive and rest­ing heart rate, calo­ries burned and steps taken/dis­tance cov­ered. It’s also swim­proof (wa­ter­proof to 50 me­ters) and shower and wash­ing-up friendly. Does it have a cool app? Yes and it’s burst­ing with fea­tures. Via the Mo­tiv Ring com­pan­ion app you can cre­ate weekly fit­ness goals and ad­just your daily ac­tiv­ity tar­gets. You can also get the skinny on the qual­ity and du­ra­tion of your sleep. Ok, I’m in. Why can I buy this? The Mo­tiv Ring is avail­able for pre-or­der now, with ship­ping to start this au­tumn.

Just slip the Mo­tiv Ring on your fin­ger and you’ll be able to track ac­tiv­ity If you don’t fancy Rose Gold, the Mo­tiv Ring is avail­able in Slate Grey SMART BLING The Mo­tiv Ring works with a fea­tures-packed com­pan­ion app to fire you up and keep you on a health­ful track. Via the app you can earn Ac­tion Cards (think of them as gold stars), view your sleep stats and find out when your big­gest ac­tiv­ity achieve­ments and slumps hap­pen PUT A RING ON IT The Mo­tiv Ring is a fit­ness and sleep tracker pack­ing mi­crotech­nol­ogy. When worn 24/7, it pro­vides ro­bust track­ing of your health and well­ness, help­ing you make more in­sight­ful choices about your ac­tiv­ity, sleep and diet

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