What else can they stick in your body nowa­days?

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The NFC chip is one of many im­plant op­tions avail­able right now. Another is mag­netic im­plants. These vi­brate un­der mag­netic in­flu­ence en­abling the wearer to ac­tu­ally ‘feel’ the mag­netic fields about them. The pre­vi­ously men­tioned Pro­fes­sor War­wick is work­ing with teams to cre­ate ways of tun­ing this so that mag­netic im­plants will en­able peo­ple to feel vari­a­tions sub­tly.

Another cut­tingedge im­plant comes in the form of North Sense. These at­tach to the chest via pierc­ings and vi­brate when the wearer faces north. Af­ter a while the wearer no longer no­tices this, kind of like that you don’t feel your feet hit the floor as you walk. Then, the­o­ret­i­cally, the im­plant can be re­moved and you will con­tinue to sense where true north is.

This is some­thing cer­tain an­i­mals can do nat­u­rally – and it’s ar­gued we as hu­mans have evolved to for­get. Now you can bio­hack evo­lu­tion to get that sense back. Pretty cool, huh?

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