TAG Heuer Con­nected Mod­u­lar 45

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TAG Heuer? Will I need to re­mort­gage my house? Not quite, but you know TAG watches don’t come cheap – this ain’t no Mar­tian No­ti­fier! The Mod­u­lar 45, run­ning An­droid Wear 2.0, is the sec­ond gen­er­a­tion of TAG’s smart­watch and it’s an im­prove­ment on the orig­i­nal. Build qual­ity is bet­ter (the rear cas­ing is made from steel, not plas­tic), there’s ex­tended bat­tery life (up to 25 hours per charge), and a play­ful mod­u­lar de­sign. Mod­u­lar? I thought that was a pass­ing fad... Per­haps, but it works here. In fact, it’s the watch’s main de­sign aes­thetic. Nearly ev­ery­thing on the Mod­u­lar 45 can be changed, de­pend­ing on your mood (and bank bal­ance) – you can choose and change the strap, lugs, buckle, case ma­te­rial and bezel colour. TAG reck­ons there’s over 4,000 op­tions avail­able via its online cus­tomi­sa­tion ser­vice, The Watch Se­lec­tor, with op­tions in­clud­ing stan­dard ti­ta­nium cases, all the way up to di­a­mond-en­crusted bezels. It looks nice, sure, but is it pow­er­ful? Oh, you’re one of those… OK, well the Mod­u­lar 45 is pow­ered by an In­tel Atom Pro­ces­sor Z34XX, has 512GB of main mem­ory and 4GB stor­age, and is com­pat­i­ble with An­droid 4.3+ and iOS 9+. There’s eight on board sen­sors, in­clud­ing ac­celerom­e­ter, gy­ro­scope, GPS and NFC, to track your ac­tiv­ity and keep you con­nected, and the watch is water-re­sis­tant to 50 me­tres. Nice. Will it track my heart rate when I’m run­ning? There’s no HR sen­sor here, but no­ti­fi­ca­tions and data will look sub­lime on that stun­ning AMOLED dis­play as you’re pow­er­ing along in the sun­shine. So when is this avail­able to buy? The TAG Heuer Con­nected Mod­u­lar 45 is avail­able to buy now.

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