What new gad­gets can I buy to smarten up my kitchen for less?

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We’re as­sum­ing, Kaz, that be­cause you’ve writ­ten to T3 and not, say, Kitchens,

Bed­rooms, Bath­rooms, that by ‘smarten up’ you mean adding a few new gad­gets to your kitchen – not some home decor. So, if we are talk­ing more Te­fal and less Du­lux, here are some af­ford­able buys to make your kitchen more con­nected this year...

Bins. Can’t stand touch­ing them. If you’re a ger­mo­phobe too, the world of smart bins will de­light. First stop, Sim­ple Hu­man. Its 45-litre Semi-Round Sen­sor Bin ($283) with in­frared fields opens when you wave your hand across the top, and has a nano-sil­ver clear coat to pro­tect it from grubby fin­ger­prints and germs. Want cheaper? Tar­get has a bat­tery-op­er­ated 30-litre sen­sor bin for a measly $5.

En­joy cook­ing? Ter­rail­lon is bring­ing out a smart food scale with a tiny on­board SCiO sen­sor that analy­ses the molec­u­lar com­po­si­tion and nu­tri­tional value (calo­ries, fat, water and pro­tein per­cent­ages, etc) of your food. It also works with the Ter­rail­lon Well­ness Coach app and uses e-learn­ing tech to bet­ter un­der­stand your eat­ing habits.

Keep run­ning out of eggs? Pre­order the Smarter FridgeCam ($171.75), de­signed to help you peek in­side your fridge when you’re away from home. This wire­less cam­era fits in­side any fridge, en­abling you to view your eggs, broc­coli and Toblerone stash via the Smarter App. The FridgeCam also tracks ex­piry dates, alerts you when it’s time to re­plen­ish items, and can sug­gest recipes based on what’s in the fridge. Toblerone frit­tata, any­one?

The Smarter FridgeCam and app keep tabs on the con­tents of your fridge

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