Only two of our three are touch­screen units; the other, you just have to tap

Australian T3 - - STATE OF THE ART -

The Fit­bit Charge 2 sports a su­per-crisp OLED black and white screen. Cu­ri­ously, it’s not of­fi­cially a touch­screen dis­play, but tap it with medium force and it swishly spins to the next screen op­tion. The Sam­sung Gear Fit2, de­spite hav­ing a fully paid-up touch­screen, can per­form the same trick.

The Fit­bit and Sam­sung are both per­haps at their most pleas­ingly sub­tle – to T3’ s eyes any­way – when the screen is blank. How­ever, a quick flick of the wrist and the screen lights up, ini­tially show­ing the time.

It’s a neat trick in the­ory, but also a touch an­noy­ing at night, when turn­ing over in bed prompts the tracker to light up the en­tire room.

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