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All of our trio in­clude heart-rate mon­i­tors, but only two of them are con­tin­u­ous

Like the Ap­ple Watch, the Sam­sung Gear Fit2 mon­i­tors HR us­ing in­frared light blasters and green LEDs to track the rate of blood flow. Oddly, though, the Sam­sung only takes HR read­ings every ten min­utes (un­less in a sport mode, when it’s con­tin­u­ous), whereas the Fit­bit and Garmin both mon­i­tor your heart rate con­tin­u­ously. One of the Sam­sung’s many neat touches, how­ever, is when you re­quest a cur­rent HR read­ing. While you wait, you watch a red line zigzag­ging up and down across the screen – your heart­beat.

The Vivos­mart HR+ uses El­e­vate™ wrist tech to mon­i­tor HR, and Fit­bit calls its tech­nol­ogy PurePlus.

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