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1 Sam­sung Gal­axy S8 The Gal­axy S8 evolves the de­sign of the S se­ries, of­fer­ing up a stun­ning chas­sis and dis­play which is in a league of its own.

PRICE: $1,199 URL: sam­sung.com/au 2 LG G6 Equal-most ex­pen­sive, the LG G6 of­fers up a strong spec sheet, dual cam­eras and a pre­mium de­sign for its four-fig­ure tag.

PRICE: $1,199 URL: lg.com/au 3 Huawei P10 Don’t un­der­es­ti­mate the Asian gi­ant’s un­der­dog po­ten­tial. Huawei’s phones im­prove every year and the P10 is its best to date.

PRICE: $899 URL: con­sumer.huawei.com/au

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