Turns out, for these phones, it’s rather a lot

Australian T3 - - STATE OF THE ART -

If these three flag­ships were reg­u­lar gym go­ers, they’d be the mus­cu­lar go­ril­las prowl­ing around the free weights, tight vest tops strain­ing un­der the size of their glis­ten­ing pec­torals.

Tak­ing the hand­sets through the pun­ish­ing tri­als of Geek­bench 4 – a ver­i­ta­ble multi-gym of phone work­outs which runs a com­pre­hen­sive set of tests to gauge per­for­mance - the Gal­axy S8 came out on tops with a hith­erto un­heard of score of 6,630. The P10 was sec­ond place with a still very im­pres­sive 6,464, and the G6 slid into third with 4,307 – but less power, here, means more bat­tery.

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