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On that note, Sam­sung’s mar­ket­ing of the S3 makes a lot of noise about its four-speaker sound sys­tem – as it should on a de­vice that you’re likely to use for video, mu­sic, or both. The speak­ers are ar­ranged around the four cor­ners of the de­vice, en­abling the Tab S3 to de­liver con­vinc­ing stereo sound re­gard­less of whether you hold the tablet in por­trait or land­scape ori­en­ta­tion. It’s a con­fig­u­ra­tion that sig­nif­i­cantly ben­e­fits en­ter­tain­ment, suit­ing ac­tion movies and cer­tain types of game very well.

The speak­ers can go plenty loud, too, but it’s not all good news: their over­all qual­ity is merely ad­e­quate. Where we’ve used an iPad Pro,

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