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GaGu’s slumped, hunched, scrunched-up spine has been shout­ing at him, but your semi-folded gadget hero isn’t en­tirely sold on the Alexa-ad­dled Gi­iro ro­bot. It’s a lit­tle min­ion cy­clops that goes on your desk, and com­bines with a floor mat in or­der to spot when you’re flop­ping about like a mis­er­able teenager on a bus stop and give you spe­cific guid­ance to fix your pos­ture. GaGu hates be­ing bossed around by elec­tron­ics, es­pe­cially those which look like the sort of foot­pun­ish­ing plas­tic thing that’s scat­tered all over GaGu Jr’s floor, so let’s see if Gi­iro passes its crowd­fund­ing goal. Some­thing that has been funded is Bee­line’s new nav­i­ga­tion cir­cle the Moto (ap­prox $195). It’s an up­date to the ex­ist­ing tech, but the white-on-black screen, and the op­tion to pick be­tween com­pass and ex­plicit di­rec­tion modes, makes this nav­i­ga­tor a must for mo­tor­cy­clists who want to know where they’re go­ing.

Ev­ery Sun­day night, Ol’ Guru gets to­gether with some chums for board games. Don’t laugh! There are, con­trary to pop­u­lar be­lief, peo­ple be­yond GaGu’s fam­ily who can stand his phys­i­cal pres­ence. Any­way, Ap­ple’s ARKit has his gam­ing group all aflut­ter, what with its multi-player tech­nol­ogy, and the po­ten­tial for it to turn a board into some­thing far more an­i­mated. Not en­tirely sure where it’s lead­ing, though – while there’s a lot of po­ten­tial, there’s lit­tle ev­i­dence (be­yond Ap­ple’s de­struc­tive block-smash­ing demo) of any­thing solid so far, and AR’s not ex­actly new. If it’s taken this long to get even this far, will game de­vel­op­ers care enough to make it good, es­sen­tial even, rather than just a gim­mick?

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