We asked some of our star contributors to tell us which foods they turn to when they’re in need of some com­fort

BBC Good Food - - Cover Story -

Cassie Best

Se­nior food editor ‘Pasta in pretty much any form. Mac­a­roni cheese is a favourite from child­hood, but it has to be gooey and prop­erly cheesy, with a crunchy bread­crumb top­ping. I al­ways serve it on Bon­fire Night with bangers and a salad (for good mea­sure).’

Asma Khan

Chef and restau­ra­teur (see p18) ‘Paratha. It was some­thing I looked for­ward to for the whole week when I was a child. Be­fore shal­low fry­ing, our cook would make me and my sib­lings pick our top­pings – mine was al­ways sugar!’

Tom Ker­ridge

BBC chef and restau­ra­teur (see p78)

‘I love cheese, all dif­fer­ent types of cheese; goat’s cheese, blue cheese, hard cheese, soft cheese, all of it served with grapes and chut­ney. It’s amaz­ing.’

Dan Do­herty

Bri­tain’s Best Home Cook judge and BBC chef (p84) ‘Beans on toast with ched­dar. The toast needs to be re­ally but­tery, the beans need to have been cooked in the pan for a while so they’re lovely and stodgy, and the ched­dar well aged.’

Diana Henry

Food writer (see p86) ‘Roast chicken is very sooth­ing, but if it has to be quicker than that, then Dairylea on toast (and I’m not em­bar­rassed about it either!). It goes way back. It’s hard to kick the habits you formed as a child.’

Emma Freud

Jour­nal­ist and broad­caster (see p133) ‘Pota­toes, egg sand­wiches, cheese and ba­con, hot camem­bert, Quavers, bagels with cream cheese, cheese­cake, cheese. I could go on.’

Yo­tam Ottolenghi

Food writer and restau­ra­teur (see p94) ‘Gnoc­chi alla ro­mana – semolina dumplings – I had grow­ing up. The com­bi­na­tion of starch and melted cheese is ir­re­sistible, and my kids love it just as much.‘

‘Roast chicken is very sooth­ing ’

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