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• Store-bought items, such as pots or plat­ters, of­fer the per­fect base for mo­saic work. You’ll have to seal the sur­face first with a prod­uct suit­able for the ma­te­rial.

• Use tile or glass cut­ters to cut tiles into pieces.

• You can buy packs of mo­saic glass tiles in a range of colours, or tile sheets on a pa­per or mesh back­ing that are eas­ily cut with scis­sors.

• For gar­den pieces, you’ll need a tile or con­struc­tion ad­he­sive for out­door use.

• Make two-di­men­sional pieces by fix­ing tiles to a flat sur­face cut to the de­sired shape – marine ply is ideal for this.

• Ap­ply grout to the fin­ished mo­saic us­ing a squeegee to push it into the gaps in be­tween tiles. Wipe off the ex­cess with a clean, damp sponge. Rinse it reg­u­larly. Leave the grout to set.

• Pol­ish off grout haze with a soft, dry cloth.

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