Take DIY ac­tion and bring your retro seats back to life. Get to it!

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Gather your sup­plies

• Metal-framed gar­den chairs with timber slats

• Dremel ro­tary tool with metal grind­ing bit, flap wheel bit and drill bit, to suit

• Bon­dall Ranex Rust­buster

• Hard­wood timber slats, to suit

You’ll also need

Drop sheet; gloves; gog­gles; face mask; ham­mer; metal punch; medium- and fine-grit sand­pa­per; soft cloth; small paint­brushes

(2); medium paint­brush; Du­lux Weather­shield in Matt White; Du­lux Me­tal­shield gloss in Oo­long; bolts with nuts, to suit; ad­justable wrench

Here’s how

STEP 1 Put on gloves, gog­gles and face mask. Spread out drop sheet. Flip chair up­side down and place on drop sheet.

STEP 2 Fit Dremel with grind­ing bit. Cut bolts se­cur­ing rot­ten or bro­ken slats.

STEP 3 Tap slats with ham­mer to dis­lodge them from metal frame, if nec­es­sary. Slats in good con­di­tion can re­main on frame.

STEP 4 Cut and re­move bolts where slats may have al­ready fallen away.

STEP 5 Use ham­mer and punch to gently tap bolt out of hole, if re­quired. Dis­card old slats, nuts and bolts.

STEP 6 Re­move flaky paint and de­bris on metal frame us­ing Dremel fit­ted with flap wheel bit.

STEP 7 Sand re­main­ing timber slats with medi­umthen fine-grit sand­pa­per.

STEP 8 Wipe slats and frame with cloth. Us­ing small brush, coat metal frame with Rust­buster. Let dry for 24 hours.

STEP 9 Us­ing medium brush, paint re­main­ing slats with exterior paint. Let dry.

STEP 10 Us­ing medium brush, paint the re­place­ment slats with exterior paint. Let dry.

STEP 11 Us­ing small brush, paint frame with metal paint. Let dry.

STEP 12 Drill holes in re­place­ment slats, to suit. At­tach slats to frame us­ing nuts and bolts. Tighten with wrench. Touch up paint.

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