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POST Can­tona07 DATE March 21, 16:38

Any­body got any views on how a lap­top com­puter will travel in a suit­case – thrown around, bumped and bruised dur­ing bag­gage load­ing/un­load­ing, not to men­tion the freez­ing tem­per­a­tures at 40,000ft… Can imag­ine the fun and games unfolding with dam­age claims to lap­tops, iPads, etc.

Tom Ot­ley March 21, 16:46

I can only imag­ine the ef­fect on book­ings for big source mar­kets of these air­lines (In­dia and China), with pas­sen­gers in­tend­ing to travel to and from there to the US with a tran­sit at one of these air­ports. 1. Pas­sen­gers can’t work on the flight. 2. They can’t work on the stopover. 3. The elec­tronic item might be dam­aged. 4. It might be stolen. 5. Lots of com­pa­nies won’t let a lap­top travel in this way for se­cu­rity rea­sons. 6. They have to trust no one has left their lap­top in sleep mode, which might then get dam­aged and over­heat – in the mid­dle of a bag sur­rounded by clothes… I imag­ine trav­ellers will im­me­di­ately start look­ing for al­ter­na­tive routes and it will af­fect book­ings – which will please the US air­lines that have cam­paigned against the ME3.

Mar­tynSin­clair March 21, 16:52

Pas­sen­gers need to check whether a checked-in lap­top is cov­ered on their travel pol­icy.

FDOS_UK March 21, 17:12

For some it’s ir­rel­e­vant, they can­not check in equip­ment be­cause of data pro­tec­tion is­sues. I’m one of them.

Lon­don­frog March 21, 17:30

These days, gov­ern­ments can sell any­thing as long as they jam the word “se­cu­rity” in. I’m not buy­ing it. Other­wise, France should be on the list (be­fore UAE) as a coun­try with most ter­ror­ist at­tacks in re­cent months.

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