Set­ting Up Auto Brack­et­ing


Se­lect your cam­era’s auto ex­po­sure brack­et­ing (AEB) func­tion. This is com­monly as­signed to ei­ther a ‘BKT’ or ‘ AEB’ but­ton, but is also found in the menus, ei­ther as a stand­alone item or in the sub-menu for drive modes.

Set the or­der or se­quenc­ing to ‘Un­der>Me­tered Value>Over’ and choose a five-frame se­quence with an ex­po­sure value (EV) of one stop be­tween each frame. If your cam­era only al­lows you to shoot three frames in an auto brack­et­ing se­quence then do this with a +/-2.0 EV ad­just­ment for the un­der­ex­posed and over­ex­posed frames.

Set your drive mode to its high speed set­ting and now, when you press and hold the shut­ter, you’ll take five shots in quick suc­ces­sion.

The first will be un­der­ex­posed by two stops to cap­ture all the high­light de­tail, the sec­ond will be a lit­tle brighter, the third will ac­tu­ally be at the reg­u­lar ex­po­sure set­tings, the fourth will be brighter still, and the fifth will be over ex­posed by two stops to record de­tail in the very dark­est parts of the frame.

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