As­sess The HDR RAW


The newly-cre­ated RAW file will ap­pear in the ACR in­ter­face. This is made up from an ex­po­sure blend of the five source im­ages, and the only difference be­tween this and a reg­u­lar RAW is that the ex­po­sure slider has a much greater lat­i­tude. It nor­mally runs from -4 to +4 stops, but on the HDR file, it ex­tends a full ten stops in both di­rec­tions. The ex­tremes won’t be of any use, but you do have the full ex­po­sure lat­i­tude of all five files, and the data is all con­tained in the same image.

The ‘Auto Tone’ op­tion se­lected when merg­ing the files usu­ally does a good job of pro­duc­ing a nat­u­ral-look­ing, bal­anced image, but you can over­ride any of the set­tings us­ing the slid­ers in the con­trol pan­els.

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