En­hance The Sky


To add more drama to the sky, se­lect the ‘Grad­u­ated Fil­ter’ tool and, in the con­trol panel, click twice on the mi­nus icon along­side the ‘Ex­po­sure’ slider. This will give a -1.00 ex­po­sure and zero all the slid­ers. Drag the grad over the sky to make it a lit­tle darker and, when you’re happy with the ef­fect, ad­just the ‘Tem­per­a­ture’ slider to suit the image.

With this sunrise image, we in­creased Tem­per­a­ture to +30 to warm up the sky. We then added a sec­ond grad from the bot­tom of the frame to the tree-line and, once it was in place, ad­justed the Ex­po­sure to +0.80. This re­tained the warmth of the first grad, but bright­ened the fore­ground to give a bet­ter bal­ance. On this grad, we also in­creased ‘Clar­ity’ to +50 in or­der to en­hance the def­i­ni­tion.

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