Shoot The HDR Se­quence


Firstly, set the Image Quality to RAW so you cap­ture the image file straight from the sen­sor with no in-cam­era pro­cess­ing. Se­lect the aper­ture-pri­or­ity auto ex­po­sure mode (‘A’ or ‘Av’ on the dial or in the info dis­play).

Dial in the aper­ture you want, such as f8.0, and fo­cus on the sub­ject. Once you’ve achieved fo­cus, switch to man­ual fo­cus to lock in this fo­cus dis­tance. This will pre­vent the aut­o­fo­cus chang­ing be­tween the shots in your se­quence. It’s best to use a tri­pod when shoot­ing HDR se­quences to en­sure the cam­era doesn’t move, but be­cause the soft­ware will au­to­mat­i­cally align the shots, you can also shoot hand-held – just keep as still as pos­si­ble if you do. Now press the shut­ter but­ton and fire off your fiveshot burst. You’ll be able to re­view the un­der­ex­posed-to-over­ex­posed se­quence of shots on screen.

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