Cre­ate A New RAW


Once you’ve copied your brack­eted im­ages to your com­puter, se­lect them all by hold­ing ‘Ctrl’ (or ‘Cmd’) and click­ing on them, then rightclick on one of the files and se­lect ‘Open with>Adobe Pho­to­shop CC’.

Be­cause these are RAW files, they’ll load into the ACR in­ter­face, and the five files will ap­pear in the Film­strip on the left-hand side. The first file will be high­lighted so, to se­lect them all, click on the lit­tle four-bar icon next to where it says “Film­strip”, and click ‘Se­lect All’. Now click on the four-bar icon again, and this time, se­lect ‘Merge To HDR’.

When the ‘HDR Merge Pre­view’ win­dow ap­pears, en­sure that ‘Align Im­ages’ and ‘Auto Tone’ are ticked, and set ‘De-Ghost’ to ‘Medium’.

‘Show Over­lay’ will re­veal ar­eas where move­ment has been de­tected be­tween the shots in the se­quence, and ‘De-Ghost’ en­sures that only one image is vis­i­ble. Now click on ‘Merge’, and then save the file.

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