Shoot your panorama se­quence


You’re now all set to cap­ture a multi-shot panorama, so frame up ver­ti­cally on the part of the scene that is to be the left side of the pic­ture. Take a shot and make a men­tal note of a fea­ture in the scene about half­way across the frame. For the next shot, line up the left edge of the frame on this, and take a sec­ond shot, keep­ing the hori­zon level. As you ro­tate the cam­era to frame up, try to pivot around the cen­tre of the lens, rather than ro­tat­ing from the waist – this will help to avoid any mis­matches in per­spec­tive with fore­ground items that are closer to the cam­era. Pro­vided you leave a gen­er­ous over­lap of 3050% be­tween each shot in your se­quence, you’ll have all you need for your soft­ware to ‘stitch’ the dif­fer­ent shots in your panorama to­gether. Con­tinue tak­ing your shots un­til you’ve ar­rived at what you want to be the right-hand edge of the panorama.

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