Set up your cam­era


Once you’ve found a scene you want to record as a panorama, de­cide on where you want it to start and end by iden­ti­fy­ing fea­tures in the land­scape. Next, set your cam­era to Aper­ture Pri­or­ity mode (A or Av on the main mode dial). With RAW mode en­abled and your ISO set to 200, se­lect a medium to small Aper­ture value of f/11 or f/16 to en­sure a large depthof-field. Now pan across the scene, and as you do this, keep an eye on the shut­ter speed in the viewfinder dis­play. Make a men­tal note of the fastest value that ap­pears. This will co­in­cide with the bright­est area in the panorama, and by ex­pos­ing for this, you’ll make sure that your panorama doesn’t lose high­light de­tail. Now switch to Man­ual (M) mode and set the Aper­ture and Shut­ter Speed you’ve picked.

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