Switch to Man­ual Fo­cus mode


With your ex­po­sure set­tings di­alled in man­u­ally, your cam­era will no longer change ex­po­sure val­ues as you take your shots, so you’ll get a con­sis­tent level of bright­ness across the scene. To make sure the rest of the scene is con­sis­tent, set the White Bal­ance to match the light­ing con­di­tions (eg Day­light, Cloudy, etc) and fo­cus on an item about one-third of the way into the scene by half-press­ing the shut­ter re­lease but­ton. With the fo­cus set, now change to Man­ual Fo­cus (MF) by flick­ing the switch on the cam­era body or lens to this po­si­tion. This will keep your fo­cus point at ex­actly the same dis­tance in each shot you take as you sweep across the scene.

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