Boost colours and save your file


To im­prove the colours, click on the HSL tab (Ctrl+Alt+5) and se­lect Lu­mi­nance on the sub-tab. Us­ing the slid­ers be­neath, you can make the in­di­vid­ual colours brighter or darker. Once you’ve done this, se­lect the Sat­u­ra­tion sub tab, and you can al­ter the in­ten­sity of the same in­di­vid­ual colours. When you’re happy, click Open Im­age to load the panoramic file into Pho­to­shop. You’ll have a huge file, which will al­low a mas­sive print to be made. On the ex­am­ple here, a 12MP cam­era was used, but the re­sul­tant file is the equiv­a­lent of one made by a 48MP de­vice. By de­fault, a 12MP im­age would make a high-qual­ity 36x24cm print, but this file will pro­duce an enor­mous print mea­sur­ing 93 x 36cm. Fi­nally, go to File > Save as to save the file in a for­mat of your choice.

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