Make a new RAW


In the Panorama Merge Pre­view win­dow, choose the Pro­jec­tion that gives the best re­sults (Spher­i­cal, Cylin­dri­cal or Per­spec­tive) and to tidy the edges, move the Bound­ary Warp slider to 100. Click on Merge and you’ll be asked to save the panorama as a new DNG for­mat file. Click Save and a new RAW file will be cre­ated and will ap­pear in the in­ter­face with all the reg­u­lar RAW con­trols on dis­play over on the right. Click on the Lens Cor­rec­tions tab (or hit Ctrl+Alt+6) and tick the two boxes to fix any chro­matic aber­ra­tion (fring­ing), dis­tor­tion or vi­gnetting in your lens. It’s likely that your lens will be recog­nised au­to­mat­i­cally when you tick the En­able Pro­file Cor­rec­tions box, but if not, just se­lect the Make and Model from the drop­down lists un­der Lens Pro­file.

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