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The fuel pump that ac­com­pa­nies the mo­tor­bike carbs is of­ten worth us­ing. For in­stance, theYamaha R1’s elec­tronic fuel pump con­tains an in­ter­rupter pump to stop the fuel sup­ply when the carbs are full, so you don’t need a fuel pres­sure reg­u­la­tor. If you want to fit a new fuel pump, a cheap so­lu­tion is a Facet pump and Fil­ter King pres­sure reg­u­la­tor. Check the max­i­mum fuel pres­sure for the carbs ­— the R1 is 3 psi. You will also need to fit an in­line fil­ter be­tween the petrol tank and fuel pump and use 8 mm fuel lines through­out.

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