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So has Riza ever been tempted to go the whole hog, and re­turn his Capri to the Stars And Stripes look it had back in the late ’70s? “We have dis­cus­sions about that all the time,” he ad­mits, “and it al­ways comes out as a def­i­nite pos­si­bil­ity. Per­haps, once the cottage is fin­ished, that will be the way I go. I’m also cu­ri­ous to find out, per­haps from read­ers of your mag­a­zine,” he says, “whether there were ac­tu­ally two Capri pace cars at Brands Hatch. I can find no in­for­ma­tion about an­other, but one day a few years ago I was stopped by a guy who said to me; ‘hey, I’ve got the sis­ter car to that one’, but didn’t re­ally ex­plain what he meant. It would be nice to find out if my Capri had a sib­ling!”

How long the Capri car­ried out th­ese pace du­ties has been lost in time, along with knowl­edge of its move­ments up un­til 1987, when cur­rent owner, Riza Huseyin first set eyes on what was a 3.0S, back in Oys­ter Gold.

Riza car­ried out a restora­tion on the Capri in 1987 and sub­se­quently bought the car off the then-owner.

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