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B16 is the sec­ond tier of the BIL­STEIN coil-over range, sit­ting just above the non-ad­justable B14 units, B16 fea­tures an ef­fec­tive sin­gle point damp­ing ad­just­ment. This easy to use wheel al­lows a par­al­lel ad­just­ment of bump and re­bound. Sim­ply put — you can never con­fuse the set­tings, each click de­liv­ers a per­fectly matched re­bound and bump set­ting, each one softer or harder than the last and al­lows you to ad­just the per­for­mance to your in­di­vid­ual taste. This damp­ing ad­just­ment tech­nol­ogy is known as one-way ad­just­ment. Ride height is fully ad­justable on the car via BIL­STEIN’s unique round thread sys­tem. Com­pared to tra­di­tional threads, these threads are round and do not have any sharp edges. This means that the thread is less sus­cep­ti­ble to wear caused by dirt or road salt.

With TüV ap­proved low­er­ing ranges and a host of cor­ro­sion re­sis­tant fea­tures in the body, BIL­STEIN coil-overs are some of the most ro­bust on the mar­ket, out­last­ing com­peti­tor’s of­fer­ings in the fa­mous Ger­man salt spray test. This means that with a lit­tle love your BIL­STEIN coil-overs will re­main free spin­ning and ad­justable for years to come.

All B16 coil-over kits fea­ture monotube or up­side-down monotube damper tech­nol­ogy, which pro­vides greater damp­ing power due to the larger sur­face area of the pis­ton. This re­sults in im­proved han­dling, con­sis­tent per­for­mance, and longer ser­vice life. BIL­STEIN also uses up­side-down monotube tech­nol­ogy which al­lows the pis­ton rod to be in­stalled at the bot­tom of the shock tube body. A wear-re­sis­tant chromium tube moves up and down freely by in­cor­po­rat­ing low fric­tion bear­ings. Both the sup­port and lat­eral forces are dis­trib­uted across a larger area than in twin-tube sys­tems, and the tor­sional strength of the con­nec­tion be­tween the wheel and ve­hi­cle body is in­creased.

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