Classic Ford - - ANGLIA 105E -

The open front-end on Richard’s Anglia with elec­tric fan is a love-it-or-hate-it de­sign, which has come about as a ne­ces­sity of other tweaks to the Anglia. Richard wanted the car de bumpered, and he’s re­moved the front po­si­tion lamps (they are now in the head­lamps), leav­ing just the in­di­ca­tors. “This means the stan­dard grille won’t fit any more,” he says, “but I like the look of the open front panel with elec­tric fan any­way. I do have an idea to try out fit­ting a three-bar grille, like the 100E cars had, which may work… or may not,” he adds. “But we’ll give it a go and see.”

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