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I’ve got a Mk3 Zo­diac and there’s a slight vi­bra­tion in the car. I have had the spi­ders/UJs re­newed due to knock­ing but I’m still left with a slight vi­bra­tion. Any ideas? John McCart­ney Email

A It sounds as if you may have to get the prop­shaft bal­anced. When the UJs were done, did the per­son who did the work mark up ev­ery­thing be­fore dis­man­tling it so all the bits went back in the same po­si­tions rel­a­tive to each other? Most en­gi­neer­ing work­shops should be able to re­bal­ance the prop for you, oth­er­wise try a prop spe­cial­ist such as Reco Prop or Prop­shaft Ser­vices who are part of Bai­ley Mor­ris. The other ques­tion is can you drive through the vi­bra­tion? If you find that the vi­bra­tion oc­curs at a cer­tain speed, and if you drive faster it dis­ap­pears, it could be that your rear wheels need bal­anc­ing.

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