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Taunus and Granada project ideas.

For rea­sons we still can’t fathom, Ford never made the two-door Mk1 Granada avail­able in Blightly. But in Europe it was sold wildly, which is where we must head to pick up this fine ex­am­ple. The first job is to re­move the vinyl roof and side trims, smooth the front va­lence and then re­move the badges and wing mir­rors — we want this prime ex­am­ple of ‘70s Ford styling to look as clean as pos­si­ble. Then it’s over to the paint shop for fresh coats of Mus­tard Yel­low – a Tri­umph shade from the same era, but look­ing far bet­ter on this Blue Oval, we think you’ll agree. All the re­main­ing ex­te­rior trim has then been pow­der­coated and we’ve bolted up a set of banded Sport steels – 10s and the rear and 9s at the front to the über-low sus­pen­sion cour­tesy of cus­tom springs and prob­a­bly some be­spoke wish­bones, too. Stick­ing with the pe­riod theme, there’s now a warmed-up 302 small-block Ford V8 pow­er­ing this beast – there to make a nice noise as much as any­thing. Fi­nally, we’ve sourced a black vinyl in­te­rior from the Con­sul range, swap­ping the front seats for some Jaz buck­ets with vinyl cov­er­ings. Comfy? Not re­ally, but who cares when it looks this good.

Il­lus­tra­tions: Si­mon Coulson

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