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I pre­vi­ously re­ported that to cure an earth­ing is­sue with the Porsche’s heated rear screen cir­cuit, I’d re-fit­ted one of the orig­i­nal (in­su­lated) gas struts ...and or­dered a re­place­ment. Well, I can­celled that or­der be­cause I had a bit of a brain­wave. Look­ing at the orig­i­nal strut, I re­alised that it would be easy to re­move the small in­su­lat­ing ‘boot’ and trans­fer it to the new strut.

Nev­er­the­less, I couldn’t ac­tu­ally slide the boot off the old strut be­cause it won’t pass over the welded-on ends. So I care­fully cut the boot, peeled it off, and trans­ferred it to the new strut. Then, us­ing a sol­der­ing iron, I ap­plied heat to the cut and sealed it. Hey presto! The new strut now earths prop­erly and com­pletes the cir­cuit per­fectly. To be hon­est, the heated rear screen’s an ab­so­lute ne­ces­sity at this time of year.

The rear wiper’s a boon too, as it does a great job of clean­ing wa­ter and muck from the rear screen. The poor old Porsche has been look­ing rather filthy though. One of the prob­lems of liv­ing in the ‘sticks’ is the mucky state of the roads. I do wash the Porsche reg­u­larly... but feel that a set of mud­flaps might be a good in­vest­ment.

Any­how, an­other job I’ve fi­nally got around to is fit­ting a new hatch seal. This was def­i­nitely needed and the qual­ity of the new one is ex­cel­lent. To en­sure I had enough seal, I bought five me­tres. It’s a straight­for­ward job. I gen­tly tapped the seal into place us­ing a light ham­mer. Once I was sure that it fit­ted snugly and was seated prop­erly, I cut off the ex­cess and butted the two ends to­gether. To butt the ends, the orig­i­nal seal has a step on the one end. How­ever, the new seal had a plain end, so my so­lu­tion was to in­sert a small length of fuel hose. It works a treat.

How­ever, and un­der­stand­ably,

be­cause the new seal hasn’t com­pressed with age/use like the orig­i­nal has, I had to ad­just the latch pins. Even so, the com­bi­na­tion of new struts and a new seal is over­pow­er­ing the hatch pins/catches, with the re­sult that the hatch pops open... and then rock­ets sky­wards on its way to mak­ing a good im­pres­sion of an air brake! As fur­ther ad­just­ment hasn’t worked, I’ve or­dered new latch pins. I have a sneaky sus­pi­cion that new plas­tic latch re­tain­ing in­serts might also be re­quired.

I am a great be­liever in reg­u­lar oil and fil­ter changes. I’m also a great be­liever in only us­ing qual­ity oil and a qual­ity fil­ter. Which is why I bought a gen­uine Porsche oil fil­ter, not some spu­ri­ous af­ter­mar­ket item. As for the oil? Well, some 924S own­ers use fully syn­thetic oil with good re­sults, but I pre­fer to use the grade/type of oil that was rec­om­mended when the car was new. To get the right ad­vice I con­tacted Mor­ris Lu­bri­cants’ Tech­ni­cal Depart­ment, which rec­om­mended 10W- 40 semi-syn­thetic oil. I’ve used Mor­ris oils for decades, and have al­ways been im­pressed with the re­sults. So, the Porsche’s sump is now filled with 5.5 litres of Mor­ris Mul­tivis 10W- 40 (re­cently re­branded as Mul­tivis CST SS 10W- 40). Since the oil change, the en­gine is qui­eter and the oil pres­sure is no­tice­ably bet­ter. As soon as I get the Davrian’s en­gine started, I’m go­ing to drain the oil and fill the sump with the firm’s Golden Film 15W-50 Clas­sic Com­pe­ti­tion Oil.

One other thing I’ve done, and this is be­cause the barn has a ten­dency to get damp with the re­sult that mois­ture col­lects on my tools, is put a num­ber of sil­ica gel sa­chets in the tool chest draw­ers. The sa­chets work a treat!

The rear wiper’s a boon too, as it does a great job of clean­ing wa­ter and muck from the rear screen

Win­try weather and muddy lanes and roads make for a filthy Porsche! Mud­flaps might be a good idea. I shall in­ves­ti­gate.

I cut and re­moved the plas­tic in­su­la­tor from the old strut and fit­ted it to the new one. I then sealed the cut with a sol­der­ing iron. The heated screen cir­cuit works per­fectly.

Fit­ting the new hatch seal. I’m very im­pressed with the qual­ity.

To ab­sorb the mois­ture that was be­gin­ning to cause my tools to rust, I put some sil­ica gel sa­chets in the draw­ers. Works re­ally well.

Ready for ac­tion ... gen­uine Porsche oil fil­ter, new sump washer, Mor­ris Mul­tivis 10W- 40 semisyn­thetic oil, new plas­tic fun­nel and Draper Ex­pert socket set.

To link the two ends and keep them se­cure, I in­serted a small sec­tion of fuel hose, glue­ing it in place. Fin­ished job looks neat.

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