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1 Here’s the trans­fer box which takes drive from the trans­verse gear­box and sends it back­wards via the prop­shaft. It’s squeezed into the front- drive Ford plat­form and its small size means it takes just 400ml of fluid. 2 Jaguar de­signed it as a ‘sealed for life’ unit so there’s a fill plug but no drain. Re­mov­ing the fill plug and stick­ing a fin­ger in­side re­vealed the oil to be well be­low the level and the mag­netic plug also held enough metal par­ti­cles to make it worth chang­ing the oil as a pre­ven­ta­tive measure. 3 Since the unit has no drain plug, Jaguar’s of­fi­cial pro­ce­dure is to empty it by re­mov­ing the prop­shaft and rear pin­ion seal. Few own­ers will want to do that so we took the car to our favourite lo­cal work­shop, ACG in Chel­tenham where they were up for the chal­lenge of in­ves­ti­gat­ing al­ter­na­tives, start­ing with this work­shop pump which is usu­ally used for en­gine oil changes. 4 The de­sign of the trans­fer box makes it tricky to get the suc­tion tube in­side far enough, so we changed to this air- driven pump which uses a smaller suc­tion tube. 5 This worked and we could feel the warmth of the fluid be­ing sucked out but it was a re­ally slow process and boss Ash wasn’t con­vinced we were able to get the suc­tion tube far enough into the unit. 6 The so­lu­tion was a sim­ple one. Us­ing the work­shop lift we care­fully raised one side of the car and ba­si­cally tipped the oil out. 7 Here’s what we drained out: con­trast the colour of the old oil with the splash of fresh fluid and you can see it was clearly over­due a change. 8 Jaguar doesn’t give a spec­i­fi­ca­tion for the trans­fer box oil which means reg­u­lar parts fac­tors don’t have a list­ing for the car, so we or­dered a bot­tle from our lo­cal Jaguar dealer at a hefty £26.52 for a litre. 9 When it ar­rived it turned out to be just a reg­u­lar bot­tle of 75W140 oil with a Jaguar sticker on it... an oil which a lo­cal fac­tor keeps in stock for just £15. 10 Re­fill­ing the trans­fer box is the usual task of us­ing the spout on the bot­tle to squeeze the fluid through the fill plug. Jaguar sug­gests rais­ing the near­side of the car so that the sill is half a me­tre off the ground but we found we could get suf­fi­cient in with­out do­ing this.

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