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1 Ed­i­tor in Chief Wager had fab­ri­cated a neat re­place­ment panel out of MDF for the cen­tre con­sole so we could fit a ra­dio. As the panel needed cov­er­ing in vinyl, the first job was to re­move the face­plate for the heater con­trols.

2 Next job was to re­move the re­cently re­fur­bished cov­er­ing from around the gear lever. After re­fit­ting, this panel kept fly­ing off when re­verse was se­lected and was later firmly se­cured with longer self-tap­pers and heavy duty spire clips.

3 It took a bit of jig­gling to get the new panel out as it was a tight fit in the cen­tre con­sole. Fit­ting a modern ra­dio/CD player in our big Tri­umph would lead to prob­lems later.

4 A search through my ‘it may come in handy one day’ box came up with a roll of black vinyl ma­te­rial just wide enough to cover our skil­fully made MDF ra­dio mount­ing. 5 After ap­ply­ing a light coat of im­pact ad­he­sive to the wood an­other coat was ap­plied to the re­verse side of the ma­te­rial...

6 … the sur­faces were brought to­gether and any ex­cess ma­te­rial trimmed away with a craft knife.

7 Re­fit­ting the panel was eas­ier than re­mov­ing it but when it came to in­stall the ra­dio, all the pre-set sta­tions were lost ev­ery time it was turned off. The wiring was at fault, as modern car ra­dios need two fused live feeds – one from the ig­ni­tion plus a con­stant 12volt for the mem­ory func­tions.

8 The red and yel­low mem­ory wire on our ra­dio should have gone to a live 12 volt feed. Trac­ing it back to the fuse box showed it changed colour to yel­low and had been wired to the ig­ni­tion. 9 The ra­dio’s red power wire re­mained on the ig­ni­tion cir­cuit and mov­ing the yel­low mem­ory wire to a con­stant live feed en­sured the unit kept all the pre-set sta­tions when it was turned off.

10 Not only does a modern ra­dio look to­tally out of place in our Tri­umph, the unit stopped work­ing when the aerial got tan­gled in a low fly­ing bush. So still no Ra­dio 2 on the move...

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