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With a whole raft of in­no­va­tive vir­tual in­stru­ments and ef­fects plu­g­ins un­der their belt, DSP whiz­zkids Au­dioThing have proven them­selves to be one of the most pro­lific and re­li­able soft­ware de­vel­op­ers around to­day. They’ve al­ready pro­vided

read­ers with the hot­ter-than-hot ValveFil­ter CM, and the chip­tune-tas­tic miniBit CM synth, and now it’s time for a third ex­cel­lent Au­dioThing plugin.

En­ter The Orb CM, an other-worldly fil­ter ef­fect (VST, AU) that’s to­tally dif­fer­ent to your run-of-the-mill low- or high-pass fil­ter. The plugin uses a bank of three band-pass fil­ters to em­u­late the unique sonic res­o­nances (ie, for­mants) im­parted by the hu­man mouth and vo­cal tract. By drag­ging the cen­tre dot around the plugin’s main cen­tral ‘orb’, and di­vid­ing it into five dif­fer­ent vowel set­tings, you can make any sig­nal ‘talk’ in a dis­tinc­tive, syn­thetic way – per­fect for any­thing from sub­tle mod­u­la­tion and mo­tion through to cre­ative sound de­sign. Check out our tu­to­rial and watch the ac­com­pa­ny­ing video to get to grips with this fu­tur­is­tic fil­ter.

If you like The Orb CM’s vowel-like fil­ter­ing, go and grab its big­ger brother, The Orb (€49). The full-fat ver­sion fea­tures a trio of mod­u­lat­ing LFOs to give the sig­nal move­ment, in­de­pen­dent lev­el­ling of the in­di­vid­ual vowel fil­ters, Drift ad­just­ment for shift­ing the for­mant fre­quen­cies, an on­board pre­set sys­tem, and much more. And while you’re at it, be sure to check out Au­dioThing’s other ter­rific in­stru­ments plu­g­ins and ef­fects pro­ces­sors, such as the new­lyre­leased Outer Verb spring re­verb (€39); the out-there Space Strip mul­ti­ef­fect (€55); and the awe­some con­vo­lu­tion plugin Fog Con­volver (€65).­

AU­DIOTHING LOGO Click here to visit Au­dioThing’s web­site and so­cial me­dia feeds ORB Drag the dot to fil­ter your sound. Dis­tance from cen­tre de­ter­mines the fil­ter’s Em­pha­sis (ie, res­o­nance) VOW­ELS Di­vided into five vow­els. Click the vowel name to change it to one of ten types SMOOTH De­fines the smooth­ness of the fil­ter­ing when tran­si­tion­ing be­tween vowel sec­tions: 0% is fully stepped, 100% is seam­less ON/OFF Use this but­ton to tog­gle the plugin’s ef­fect on or off MORE Click to tog­gle the out­put lim­iter or up­grade to the full ver­sion RAN­DOM Click this but­ton to ran­domise the plugin’s set­tings GAIN Con­trols the out­put gain of the for­mant­fil­tered sig­nal MIX Blend be­tween the un­fil­tered sig­nal (fully left) and the fil­tered sig­nal (fully right)

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