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Some good news for cer­tain An­droid users: Akai Pro­fes­sional have an­nounced that they’re bring­ing their iMPC app to Sam­sung’s Galaxy de­vices. This is avail­able as a £5.99 in-app pur­chase in the mo­bile man­u­fac­turer’s Sound­camp DAW.

The premise will be fa­mil­iar to any­one who knows the MPC’s pad-based work­flow – you can cre­ate se­quences, add ef­fects and record sam­ples – and projects can be ex­ported as WAVs and in a for­mat that’s com­pat­i­ble with the desk­top MPC soft­ware.

Elas­tic Drums has qui­etly be­come one of the best drum ma­chine apps on iOS. Ver­sion 2 builds on the im­prove­ments made since the app’s ini­tial re­lease – there’s a new sam­ple kit (from DJ Ele­phant Power) for the sam­pler that was added in the v1.9 up­date, for ex­am­ple.

Per­haps the big­gest news, though, is that Elas­tic Drums now sup­ports Able­ton Live Set Ex­port, mean­ing that you can take your beats right into Able­ton’s DAW with­out any mess­ing.

Elas­tic Drums costs £11.99/$11.99. momin­stru­­tic­drums

An­other build-your-own-synth app has landed on iOS. Ops (above) is the brain­child of de­vel­oper Jonathan Macken­zie, en­able­ing you to snap blocks (rather than vir­tual patch cords) to­gether to cre­ate stuff. As well as blocks that cover sig­nal gen­er­a­tion, ef­fects pro­cess­ing and con­trol, you’ve got oth­ers that delve into pitch and rhythm ma­nip­u­la­tion ter­ri­tory.

Ops is yours for £9.99/$9.99. jonathan­macken­

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