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If there’s one thing we all miss from the days of sticky tape and rust, it must be the sound of the tape deck be­ing shut down mid-flight. Right? This Win­dows-only lit­tle head case was brought to you by the same fel­low re­spon­si­ble for dblue Glitch. So you can be sure that the goal is not one of, shall we say, ‘sonic pu­rity’.

TapeStop may be the ul­ti­mate one-off – let’s face it, once you’ve dropped it into a mix, you daren’t use it a sec­ond time – and as such, it’d be waste­ful to sad­dle it with a GUI. Nope, for TapeStop you get what­ever your 32-bit VST host gives you, but it’s the sound that counts. http://ill­

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