Computer Music - - The Drop -

When build­ing to­wards a drop, you’ll want to draw on var­i­ous pro­duc­tion tricks to ramp up the per­ceived in­ten­sity. One great way to build mo­men­tum is by au­tomat­ing trippy re­verb or de­lay ef­fects over cer­tain break­down el­e­ments (or even the master chan­nel) to the point of chaos, to ‘wash out’ the buildup and sig­nify that some­thing huge is about to hap­pen. Then, just be­fore the im­mi­nent point of im­pact, you can com­pletely switch off all the ef­fects to starkly slam back into the con­trast­ingly dry drop. As we’re not used to hear­ing huge am­bi­ence van­ish in such an un­re­al­is­tic way, this trick is par­tic­u­larly ef­fec­tive for gen­er­at­ing an at­ten­tion-grab­bing sense of claus­tro­pho­bia. Have a lis­ten to Dub­fire’s Road­kill (­kill) and hear how the build-up am­bi­ence sucks in right at the drop… guar­an­teed dance­floor dam­age!

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