7. Master blaster

Computer Music - - The Drop -

You can cre­ate re­ally pow­er­ful and at­ten­tion-grab­bing ef­fects by pro­cess­ing a track as a whole, giv­ing your build-ups a heavy-handed, DJ-style per­for­mance feel. Us­ing a high-pass fil­ter to re­move bass weight is the most ob­vi­ous ap­pli­ca­tion, but it doesn’t have to stop there – de­lays, phasers and flangers can all add swirling mo­tion to the fi­nal stages of your build-up. If your DAW lets you hook up di­als to macros, try as­sign­ing mul­ti­ple pa­ram­e­ters (say, a high-pass fil­ter, re­verb size and phaser mix) to a sin­gle macro con­trol for a quick and ef­fec­tive way of in­creas­ing drama and ten­sion in those last cou­ple of bars be­fore the drop.

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