Spin­ning a loop into a track

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Once the boys have com­posed their four-bar beat and bass groove, they need to turn it into a full track. So how do they do it? “Once you’re adding to the loop you’ve built, you fol­low dif­fer­ent paths – it’s trial and er­ror to a cer­tain ex­tent” ex­plains Hatcha.

Lost chimes in, “You could be work­ing on a loop for five min­utes and get bored of it, and that will change your mind and the whole loop, and you’ll be like… ‘We’ll change the key, the whole melody’. There’s no real for­mula – when we make mu­sic, we don’t sit and say, ‘We’re go­ing to start on the drums first’ – it’s what­ever sound we find at the time. It could be a bass, it could be a kick drum on its own… it could be a sam­ple, a lit­tle stab, or any­thing. We’ll just work off that and build off that – if you like that sound, make a melody off it. Then maybe we’ll need drums next, so we’ll and build the drums around the melody, so it’s got groove and it all sort of blends in and comes to­gether. So there’s no real for­mula.”

The boys are sure that there’s no for­mula to stick to when build­ing a track

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