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2. Ex­plor­ing Korg’s Legacy Polysix

Computer Music - - Korg Legacy Session -

1 Though its pa­ram­e­ter count is a bit stingy, we can nev­er­the­less build some thick, lively sounds us­ing Korg’s Polysix. Here, we’ve fired it up and clicked the Proglist but­ton in the lower-right. We use the Load Pro­gram com­mand to bring in our Blank61.fxp patch, as there’s no ini­tialised patch to start with.

2 Let’s have a lis­ten to our blank patch. It’s pretty bland – just a saw­tooth wave­form with no fil­ter­ing, mo­du­la­tion or ef­fects. Let’s click Edit to dive into the Polysix front panel. We can see right off the bat where some cor­ners were cut on the orig­i­nal: there’s only one os­cil­la­tor. Let’s change its wave­form to PWM.

3 The PWM wave is a pulse wave that can be mod­u­lated by a ded­i­cated LFO. This is of­ten used for string pads. Let’s turn the PWM – or Pulse Width Mo­du­la­tion – up to around 7.00. Now we’ll set the PWM Speed to around 5 – this con­trols the Rate of the ded­i­cated PWM LFO. Check out how it sounds `in the video.

4 As would so many oth­ers, Korg at­tempted to com­pen­sate for the sin­gle-os­cil­la­tor ar­chi­tec­ture with an added sub-os­cil­la­tor, play­ing an oc­tave or two lower than the main os­cil­la­tor. Let’s ac­ti­vate the sub-os­cil­la­tor by set­ting the switch to the mid­dle po­si­tion, ( 1 Oct). This sounds much more sub­stan­tial, so we’ll go with it.

5 Now that we have a meaty sig­nal for the fil­ter to work on, let’s go to the fil­ter sec­tion and set both the Cut­off and Res­o­nance knobs to around 3. This will pro­duce a muted tone. It sounds like an or­gan; let’s use the en­ve­lope to shape it. First we’ll in­crease the fil­ter’s EG In­ten­sity to 2.70.

6 Now it sounds like a loud or­gan! Let’s set the EG’s At­tack, De­cay and Re­lease knobs all to 6. Set the Sus­tain to around 3. This will cause the fil­ter to fade in and set­tle down while sus­tained, fad­ing when re­leased. Set the VCA Mode to EG to link the VCA to the en­ve­lope too. Now add Cho­rus and play!

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