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Spec­tra­son­ics Om­ni­sphere

Since its in­tro­duc­tion in 2009, Om­ni­sphere has made its way into the toolkit of many TV and film com­posers. Now in its sec­ond in­car­na­tion, Om­ni­sphere 2 boasts more pre­sets than ever be­fore, but that doesn’t mean it’s a pre­set ma­chine – it’s one of the most pow­er­ful synths ever made! www.spec­tra­son­

NI Ab­synth 5

A vet­eran of the scene, Ab­synth has been around for nearly 15 years. It’s an im­mensely pow­er­ful sound-de­sign tool, giv­ing the user a semi­mod­u­lar kit to cre­ate some of the most oth­er­worldly sounds imag­in­able. It pro­vides some ex­pertly crafted pre­sets but also lets you delve deep into cre­at­ing your own.­tive-in­stru­

u-he Bazille

Free in Plu­g­ins, this mon­ster mod­u­lar synth can spit out cine­matic chords, leads, drones and FX for days. It boasts two os­cil­la­tors (ca­pa­ble of phase dis­tor­tion, FM and frac­tal res­o­nance), six fil­ter types, two ADSR en­velopes, ring mod­u­la­tion, a se­quencer, a built-in tape de­lay mod­ule and more. Fire it up and get patch­ing!

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