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6. Snappy Juno bass with TAL-U-NO-LX-V2

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1 Let’s use Togu Au­dio Line’s TAL-U-NOLX to whip up a snappy bass like those made fa­mous by Roland’s Juno se­ries. We’ll start with the de­fault Startup patch. In the Mas­ter sec­tion, we’ll lower the Octave Trans­pose to -1. Next, in the VCF, we’ll re­duce the Fre­quency to a lit­tle over 2, and set the Res­o­nance to around 6. Yeah, it’s al­most si­lent now!

2 Let’s call up that ADSR en­ve­lope. Find the VCF’s Env slider and push it up to nearly full. Now the sound is much brighter and a lit­tle more dy­namic. The ADSR is only af­fect­ing the VCF – let’s switch the VCA to Env. The sound is a bit too brash, so in the DCO sec­tion we’ll click the saw­tooth wave out and the pulse wave in.

3 Set the PW (Pulse Width) switch to Man­ual and PW slider to 5 for a square wave sound. Back in the ADSR, we’ll set the De­cay to just un­der 2, the Sus­tain to just above 4, and the Re­lease to 5. In the DCO, let’s re­duce the Sub Osc level to half. As a fin­ish­ing touch, we’ll go to the Cho­rus sec­tion and ac­ti­vate the II but­ton. Sweet!

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