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Fil­ter­ing down su­per­saws and adding ef­fects is a quick way of cre­at­ing dark, brood­ing bass patches. Some synths – like u-he Diva – are equipped with su­per­saws by de­fault. We’ve loaded Diva onto a MIDI chan­nel and loaded up the INIT Digi-Uh­bie tem­plate, which is a re­cre­ation of the Roland JP se­ries syn­the­sis­ers.


A su­per­saw is a se­ries of stacked, de­tuned saw os­cil­la­tors. To in­crease the in­ten­sity of the ef­fect, we’ve turned the Multi dial in the os­cil­la­tor sec­tion up to max, and the in­creased the De­tune to 75. This sounds thick, but we can add an ex­tra bump in the low end by mov­ing the HPF Fre­quency switch to Boost.


To re­move some top end and darken things up, set the fil­ter’s Cut­off to 70. To add some width and ex­tra move­ment, we’ve changed ef­fect 1 to Cho­rus and added space and depth by chang­ing ef­fect 2 to a Plate re­verb. If we bring the fil­ter cut­off up, it brings the bass to­wards the fore­ground and ramps up the ten­sion!

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