Fix­ing bloat with multiband com­pres­sion

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27:33Char­lie runs us through pro­cess­ing so­lu­tions for his messed-up pre­mas­ter. “The lim­iter is only hit­ting 1dB of gain re­duc­tion, but you can hear that the kick is too ‘lumpy’, be­cause it’s too loud in the mix.” Char­lie di­als in a bit of multiband com­pres­sion with Pro-MB, fo­cus­ing a band at around 100Hz to pull back the kick’s dy­nam­ics in the mix, then cap­ping the ex­ces­sive tre­ble with a top band of com­pres­sion. “This helps bring us back to how the bet­ter pre­mas­ter sounds, by evening out things that cre­ate prob­lems. Oth­er­wise, if we were to add a high­shelf [boost] to the ‘bad’ mas­ter, those hi-hats would come out more than the snare, and you’ve got an im­bal­ance in the top end that’s not go­ing to get brighter in a good way.”

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