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“When I start a new piece of mu­sic, I like to have an idea or theme in my head. This may not make the fi­nal cut, but it’s bet­ter than than just sit­ting down with a bunch of synths and lights flash­ing at me with no di­rec­tion. I’ll cre­ate a folder on my hard drive, and go through my sam­ple li­brary to find sounds I like – sounds that con­vey the mood I’m in, or the di­rec­tion I want to take. I’ll also cre­ate a few synth patches – keys pads, stabs, etc – and dump them into this folder.”

Paul also en­thuses about his Zoom H4N. “I’ll cre­ate field record­ings and record sounds in the house, or when I’m out. It’s in­dis­pens­able for get­ting sounds no one’s heard be­fore.

“Then, once the track’s rolling, I know I’ve got sounds to pick at, be­cause once the core el­e­ments are down, hav­ing those sounds to chuck in – even if they’re not in the right key – gives you some­thing us­able and in­spir­ing.

“From that folder, I’ll then start cre­at­ing new sounds from those sounds. I’ll load those sounds into UVI Fal­con, or I’ll fil­ter them through the Pro-2’s ex­ter­nal in­put.”

If you see Paul out and about with his Zoom H4N, he’s on a sam­pling mis­sion!

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