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33:26“Learn­ing your equip­ment is im­por­tant. I like to thor­oughly learn ev­ery as­pect of one thing, rather than hav­ing loads of gear and re­ly­ing on pre­sets. I have ‘learn­ing days’, where I dive in with a par­tic­u­lar piece of kit or soft­ware – I’ll cre­ate some patches with, say, the Pro-2, be­cause I spent a lot of money on it, and I wanna get the most out of it, and learn how it works! So I’ll go in and cre­ate a bunch of patches, then re­sam­ple them.”

Paul goes on to ex­plain his meth­ods. “I get great re­sults by smash­ing things to­gether and com­bin­ing sounds! The Pro 2 and [Sound­tower Pro 2 PlugSE] plugin have a cool fea­ture where you can take the os­cil­la­tor set­tings from one pre­set, and the en­ve­lope set­tings from another, and mould them to­gether to cre­ate to­tally new sounds.”

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